On-premise Installation on Windows

SentinelTrails can be installed on-premise for enterprise customers. It can be done as part of a contract by our staff, or internally by the staff of your company. Below are the instructions for the latter scenario.


Before you begin installation, you should make sure the following prerequisites are met:

Installing Java

  • Run the JDK installer (jdk-11.0.2_windows-x64_bin.exe) and follow the instructions.

  • Make sure the PATH is configured properly

  • To make sure Java is installed, run cmd and type “java -version”


Installing Cassandra

Cassandra for Windows is packaged in the Datastax DCC. Run the installer (datastax-ddc-64bit-3.9.0-install.msi) and follow the instructions.


To make sure Cassandra is installed and running, run cqlsh.


Finally, create a keyspace: CREATE KEYSPACE IF NOT EXISTS logsentinel WITH REPLICATION = { 'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': 1 } AND DURABLE_WRITES =  true;

Installing ElasticSearch

Run elasticsearch-6.6.1.msi and follow the instructions.

To make sure ElasticSearch is installed and running, open http://localhost:9200/ in a browser


You may need to create a log folder under C:\Program Files\Elastic\Elasticsearch\6.6.1

Installing LogSentinel’s SentinelTrails

Extract the logsentinel-installer.zip archive in c:logsentinel and run install.bat (you need to have administrative privileges). Then make sure the service has been installed.


Edit application.properties by setting:

  • root.urlhttp://{the domain name to be used for the service}. It can set to http://localhost:8080 initially and changed later

  • admin.password – password for the admin user

  • spring.mail.* properties to configure outgoing email settings (can be set at a later stage)

Go to “Services” and start the LogSentinel service. Open http://localhost:8080 (or the address that you configured)


Finally, use admin@logsentinel.com/{admin password} to log in to the administrative account.